Independent Advice For Gas Turbine, Gas Compression And Pump Packages

Independent Rotating Equipment Expertise

In times of increased pressure to optimise the safety, availability and cost effectiveness of large rotating equipment assets, it is more crucial than ever to make expertly informed decisions. Whether there are persistent reliability issues, or the maintenance burden is high or thermal efficiency is poor, the consequences of not optimising the operational metrics can drain vital resources. To counter shortfalls in equipment performance, independent expert opinion and due diligence are more important than ever.

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Independent expert support for industrial /aeroderivative gas turbine, gas compression and pump packages


  • Independent and Experienced Advice
    For more informed operational and maintenance decisions
  • Insights into Risks & Opportunities
    Increased awareness of threats and possibilities
  • Solutions to Difficult Operational Problems
    Creating options that can be actioned in today’s environment


  • Increased Reliability, Availability & Safety
    Through targeted investigation and optimised maintenance
  • Enhanced Production Capability
    Through enhanced operational flexibility
  • Reduced OPEX
    Through better decisions rather than opaque commitments

Failure Investigation and Troubleshooting

Identify the key causal factors of unsatisfactory performance and put them right

Fitness for Service Assessment

Knowledge and experience of potential failure mechanisms is key to good fitness for service assessments

Oversight of Overhauls & Repairs

The aim is to achieve a Goldilocks restoration by not doing too little and not doing too much

Maintenance Content and Planning

Superfluous maintenance exerts a drag on resources that otherwise could be better employed elsewhere


Rodir has been providing consultancy services since 1999, focused on the operation and maintenance of gas turbine, gas compression and pump packages in the oil & gas, petrochemical and power industries. Our primary clients are suppliers to and operators of rotating equipment in the North Sea Oil & Gas sector.

We advise on core equipment design, modifications, the life status of components, and maintenance content & planning on all aspects of rotating equipment packages, including control software. We also design and supply certified transportation baskets, changeout and test bed tooling and lifting beams.  Honesty, integrity and adherence to engineering fundamentals are our concerns.

As the principal service provider, I have over 35 years’ of extensive experience on major rotating equipment, including employment in various technical and management roles with a gas turbine OEM, an oil and gas operator and overhaul & repair shops prior to Rodir.

Dugald Carmichael

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